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Very Bad News

As of March, 2018, this website is UNDER ATTACK as are many others. I'm sure this will be an ongoing problem, AmeriKa being what it is. I cannot tell you of the serious impairments I'm fighting without resort to a very long article. So far as the Government is concerned, the TRUTH must be KRUSHED! It's the AmeriKan way!

A Time of Destruction -Now until 2025

We aren't dead yet, and there is reason for hope. But, in my studies and experiences over the years I have come to have firm reason to believe that we are facing an "End Time" of a sort and that the real period of destruction will be from the present until about 2025. In my writings on this subject I have come to adopt the term "limited End Time". I must also make abundantly clear that I am not meaning to make a religious statement. We will see incredible destruction, but not of all of us, nor of everything. I consider it largely to be a combined Government and ET/Alien operation. The ET/Alien component is very difficult to prove, but the Government drift toward full-blown HOT TYRANNY is NOT hard to prove! 

There is also evidence that the Earth itself is playing a role in all of this as well, but that issue will not be expanded upon owing to lack of time. I can't hope to explain everything. In any case, there are plenty of signs of bad things ongoing even for the most sincere apologists of the system. Ultimately, for those who choose to remain ignorant the proof will end up being in the pudding, as the saying goes.

I do not mean to convey that the situation is without hope altogether. There may have been a glimmer of hope for a time with the election of President Donald Trump. Many sensible people in the USA realized that something very bad was brewing around the world and especially here in the USA. However, it now appears that President Trump is only able to make limited changes for the better. Correct political action here in the USA could possibly mitigate this "limited End Time", but given the time Trump has occupied the White House the question is now how severe things will become and when. There is a determined "Dark Force" from within the USA that wishes for the complete destruction of the United States. Many from within the government and the society in general are aiding and abetting this unfolding time of destruction. 

Now, all the previous having been said, you will see in the writings to follow that there are some sincerely intractable problems that would require something more than just immediate political action. This has to do with the world overpopulation situation which a talk about in more detail a few paragraphs down. As implied in the above writings there truly is a way to thwart, or partially thwart, this limited End Time and it has to do with a certain Billy Meier of Switzerland as will be explained further on in this article.

By the way, when I identify the Government with the capital-bold face-underlined G, what I mean is the "secret" or "shadow" government as opposed to the normal everyday government that you see publicly. During 2017 the term "Deep State" has been popularized. The real Government, the ruling secret government, or Deep State, is our worst enemy!

I don't do predictions or prophecies myself by way of psychic ability. There is a large body of data available to back up what I say on this website. Some of what I say is partly intuitive. The main thing I rely on are some of the various Internet broadcasts aside from my own personal experiences and a large number of books and other publications. I'm happy to report that many predictions/prophecies have fizzled out over the past several years. I'm always thankful for catastrophe predictions that fail. Trouble is, that there is no end of signs that things will not improve in a way we would all prefer.

I'm sorry to report that the overall picture of future catastrophes will still stand. A banker planned third world war is still pending as is a greater economic collapse here in the USA along with the rest of the Western World. I'm not sure how much catastrophe Trump can avert here in the USA. I must reiterate that I'm against catastrophe anywhere, but it seems that this "limited End Time" must play out. If you will continue to read this article you will discover that this time of tribulation is attributable mainly to the massive overpopulation of the Earth; That and the horrible environmental situation which itself is tied-in with the overpopulation situation.

 More Cause For Immediate Alarm

The California measles situation of mid-2015 developed into comprehensive forced vaccines for grade-school children. When they start forcing the vaccines by way of laws, then you can be sure it's a covert effort at "soft killing" many vulnerable people. You can be certain it will result in more deaths than would occur because of the vaccines rather than if people relied upon their own immune system. Here's another interesting article from 2015 by a certain Jon Rappoport:  
The immigration issue became a major cause of Donald Trump being elected President. This is an intentional effort to aggravate social and cultural degeneracy and to shift jobs away from American citizens to these alleged refugees. Here are a couple of good articles that expand on the artificially  induced immigration crisis: 

Radiation For All

The Sendai Earthquake (March, 2011) followed by the massive tsunami, then followed immediately by the Fukushima nuclear meltdown catastrophe in Japan should have served as a serious wake-up call to the mainstream public way back in 2011. As we have all seen even that catastrophic event did not succeed in that way. There is ongoing radiation spewing from the Fukushima site. By now the whole Earth has been well salted with radioactive debris.

See this short Infowars YouTube vid (3:20min) from January, 2014 for more on the radiation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GP1yUld-V4Y

The radiation problem will not be going away! There is a book/website that claims 22,000 suspicious excess deaths occurred as a result on the U.S. West Coast states: http://www.drapsley.com/Pages/RadiationCrisesAntidote.aspx .

Of course, this radiation situation will go unreported by the state run lamestream media! This is something we will be living and dying with for a VERY LONG TIME TO COME!  The only workable antidote to this I know of currently is a product called "Survival Shield", an iodine supplement. You can find this product exclusively at inforwars.com store. I suppose I'll apologize ahead for sounding like an ad bot for Infowars. Trouble is that some of the specialized products from these websites are the only thing we have available to the "little guy". I will add that some of these alternative health products seem to be working for me.   

Other Catastrophes For Many

The Hurricane Sandy catastrophe of late October, 2012 on the Northeastern Seaboard of the USA was grossly minimized by the state run lamestream media! This event was immediately followed by a "Frankenstorm" with heavy snow and winter temperatures. But even these events were a mere scratch compared to what will occur further on down the road.

As a general rule, I have found that people do not take warning! I have seen this on a personal basis many times and it appears that those on the U.S. northeastern seaboard did very little to prepare themselves. Preparation does take considerable thought, plus some time and money. I have found that the vast majority of people will not follow through on it. This bodes poorly for the future of our country and the world.

When the Sandy Hook massacre occurred we had to endure the state-run lamestream media telling us that we need to do without our only effective personal defense: the guns! For my own part, I deeply suspect that there may not have been anything that really happened at Sandy Hook other than a staged play with some really bad acting. I have my reasons for saying that. I will leave that be for now for the sake of brevity; you must look this one up if you're wondering. One thing that this event did accomplish was to clearly unmask the real intention of the Government! 

Far worse is anticipated for the foreseeable future. Any predictions on my part would be general, nor would I have any idea as to exact dates when things will truly "hit the fan" as it pertains to North AmeriKa. The entire global financial system has been showing signs of shuddering and threatening to devolve into a complete economic collapse. Be that as it may, a true economic collapse must happen sooner or later! In fact, during 2012 DHS (Dept of Homeland Security) ordered around 2 BILLION ROUNDS of ammunition! This massive purchase of ammunition should tell you something (This comes to at least six rounds per person in AmeriKa!). This was another one of those issues ignored by the state-run lamestream media. Once a true economic collapse occurs it will be the end of everything as we once understood it. 

Many people with serious money in futures markets are having the money in their accounts out-and-out STOLEN! To that end, you may want to check this New York Times article and another Christian Science Monitor article following:

New York Times --11/21/2011 MF Global Trustee Says Shortfall Could Exceed $1.2 Billion    -------

CSM --12/13/2011 MF Global bankruptcy: Exec says Corzine knew about missing money

One can only hope and pray that this does type of out-and-out theft does not trickle down to the rest of us any time sooner than can be avoided --CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED! I might also mention that situation has been reported on the  Drudge Report. Drudge is closer to the state run lamestream media than some alternative media. If it reaches Drudge, then it must be serious! There was also a court ruling a few years ago that states that in a serious social/economic crisis the bank OWNS the money in your account!

I wish I could avoid being overly negative that approach does not work out very well when facing a tidal wave of actual bad events. However, you must understand that ignoring the truth will not work, so objectivity must be brought into play. More than enough data has been posted on the Internet for anyone who really wants to take the trouble to find out what is really going on. There are many web pages for sources, and I name some principal alternative news sources on the Other Websites page. It seems that most people live in a type of trance state and from what I've seen there is no way to correct this problem. This means there will be many tragedies and deaths that will be impossible to prevent. 

San Francisco 9.0 Quake and the USA East Coast Tidal Wave

It could be that there may be things that will alleviate some of the predicted events, but some of the predicted events are guaranteed to happen! Two examples come to mind: the next "San Francisco earthquake", and the La Palma Tidal Wave (which will inundate the U.S. East Coast killing upwards of 20 to 30 million!). Here's another article regarding the impending La Palma Tidal Wave: http://www.angelfire.com/zine2/Number666/KingJames8.html. These two events will most probably occur sometime in the next few years or early in the next decade. It has also been said that the main geological changes will occur from 2020 to 2025. The source on the issue of the 2020-2025 dating is a long story that I may try to explain at some later time. 

I'm just a reporter. I don't run the Universe. So, ultimately you must do what you will. Besides, when you die, you don't really die! Reincarnation is definite! This is verified by Billy Meier's Plejaren ET friends (pronounced Play-YAR-ans). The Plejarens used to be known as the Pleiadians. The Plejaren ET's are alleged to be the primary guiding human ET force for us here on Earth. This is a very long story, and it will not possible for me to prove the Billy Meier case on this website. Billy's story is a much harder issue to prove in a conclusive way, and certainly not in a short form. See the Other Websites  page for the pertinent websites on this. I have my own "Billy" page on this very website here: https://www.helirods.net/billy-and-the-plejarens

I do indeed rest much of my case on what these Plejaren ET's have to say despite having some disagreement with them on certain issues that seem to be of strategic importance to them. In other words, these advanced human ET's do indeed lie about certain things.

I know that all of this gets rather tedious for many paranormal website readers as it will seem as though this might be one more of those not-so-popular "End of the World" websites. I can assure you that the world will NOT end! However, we will be experiencing serious trauma, damage and large scale death worldwide. Most other websites are not going to be as up front on this "End Time" issue as they understandably wish to minimize this situation. Most other websites will tend to focus on one or more topics of related discussion but they never really connect all the necessary dots. Perhaps you are one of those whom I can save the effort of a lot of time researching. Unfortunately, there are nothing but deaf ears among the "normal" people. That will ensure that many catastrophe prophecies will play out.

Perhaps you're wondering what would cause me to come to the somewhat dire conclusions I have reached. As stated earlier, the paranormal has everything to do with it. It all started for me in 1995 with Art Bell and his late night radio show, Coast to Coast AM. If you are night owl like me, and you manage to stumble across this program it will tend to get your attention. It would not be very long after I started listening to that program when I began to have some strange sightings myself. One thing would lead to another and I would unexpectedly become engulfed in the world of the paranormal a few years later ...and a limited form of ET/Alien contact!These are yet more long stories, only a few of which I have posted on this website (mainly the Experiences page and the Into the Unknown page). Please note that some links on this page have been wrecked. I'll fix them when able.

Aside from the back stories within the long stories, there are other events that occur around my various other stories. It all becomes very convoluted. One example would be the interference that often occurs when doing a site like this. You can be dead certain that the Government is all over this kind of things because truth is poison to a Government of LIES! I have long since given up on trying to be careful what I say since I can never be sure what will set them off. We're as good as dead if we sit here and say or do nothing!

The G Usage

I must now expand on something I had mentioned near the beginning of this article with regard to capital G usage. That which we insist on calling "our" government is NOT OURS! The real Government which controls very nearly everything is the DEMONIC FORCE spoken of in the Bible! Of course, I could hedge on that a little by saying that our government is just merely tied-in with the Demonic Forces (Which are very REAL!). It is often referred to as the "secret" government, or the "shadow" government. It is an adjunct of the Secret Societies which control the corporate-governmental world. The *G* is intended as a swipe at the Freemason's who are the principal Secret Society that occupy virtually every key position in the government; even worse, they have the elections long since rigged! Also, I am fully aware that connecting the Demonic ET/Alien issue with the various Secret Societies is usually too much for most people to handle, but it is the truth!

Consider the UFO cover-up. If the Government truly is the Demonic Force, or just closely tied-in with them, and many of the UFO's are the "angelic" forces (for lack of a better term), then the UFO cover-up makes COMPLETE SENSE! The Government is NOT going to come out and tell everyone that they are the bad guys! There will be...

NO DISCLOSURE! (as it pertains the to UFO-paranormal issue among other things)

NO "COMING OUT"! (as it pertains the to centralized secret political-economic power issue)

NO LOVE FEST! ...FORGET IT! (the Government wants us DEAD! They simply don't need us anymore)

I truly regret to report all of this, and I do know that saying that the Government wants us DEAD is a rather bold thing to say. Unfortunately, this is the trump-all problem. And speaking of trump ...that reminds me: Donald Trump! That man may be the last, best and only hope. At least in a moral sense I hope you will consider being supportive of his efforts. Trump is the only ray of true hope I've seen in decades.

The fact is that this period of tribulation ultimately has to do with the massive worldwide population explosion. The actual population of Earth (as of 2018) has exceeded 8.8 billion! This number comes from the Plejaren ET's (of the Billy Meier UFO case) and it is far higher than the 7 billion or so that is often being bandied about by the state run lamestream media. The 7 billion figure was reported by the state run lamestream media in 2011.

In fact, we are probably adding approximately 100 MILLION PEOPLE PER YEAR or more as of 2011 to the actual 8.1 billion stated by the Plejaren ET's (as of Jan, 2011). This 8.1 billion figure is what the Plejaren ET's said was the correct figure at the time 7 billion was being bandied about by the state run lamestream media. The Plejaren ET's say that the carrying capacity of the Earth is only 529 million humans. This figure may well be the original source for the rounded 500 million figure that was etched upon the Georgia Guidestones. For those who don't know, the Georgia Guidestones are a large stone monument in the state of Georgia, USA probably created by the Illuminati; You should study this issue if you're unaware of it. Also, you should consider reading more about the Plejaren ET's on my Billy and the Plejarens page when able.

Expect No Closure

It has become quite clear over the past 20 years that we will NOT be resolving very much as it pertains to the UFO's, the paranormal, and this ongoing period of tribulation which I have suggested is a Government and ET/Alien operation. But, the most intractable problem is the utter unwillingness of the public at large to come to grips with this situation. It may well be that a positive attitude shift is taking place, but this is occurring at a slow rate and may still end up having any worthwhile effect. This has happened because these realms of discussion are too disorienting and too distressing for a population under hypnosis from the television and other forms of mind control programming. This may also have something to do with what has been referred to by the Plejaren ET's as "consciousness level". Consciousness level seems to be somewhat separate from the aspect of raw intelligence. That issue would be beyond the scope of this article.

In the late 1990's after several years of research into the realm of the UFO's and paranormal, I came to my own understanding that the true nature of the ET/Alien issue goes well beyond just mere visitation. In fact, they have been around all along! That's a long story being developed on a series on cable TV: Ancient Aliens! It's a series running on the History Channel. In case you are unfamiliar with this, here is the link: http://www.history.com/shows/ancient-aliens

Decades earlier in my life I had assumed that the ET/Aliens had little or nothing whatsoever to do with us. I tended to believe that what was here around the Earth was somewhat rare and more or less a benign observational presence. I thought that whatever space beings existed would have to be benign or even friendly. Little did I know that all of these nice thoughts were completely wrong! I can report, however, that there seems to be a tapestry of countervailing forces! Well, that's better than having the Demonic forces in unopposed control!

It is possible that there is an "out" to this limited "End Time". That is a much longer discussion which I may try to write-up at a later time. That would be a serious effort on my part, but I may do it anyway. Even though the public has shown some increased interest in this "End Time" subject matter, it would still require a monumental effort to really change things enough to alleviate the situation in a noticeable way. Total disinterest will lead to utter catastrophe. In any case, I certainly hope and pray that the situation is not so grim as my writings tend to suggest at this point. 

All this build-up that has gone on for decades is not intended as a joke of some kind. When all Hell really does break loose, I will offer my prayers for what they may be worth! May your way go better! May I be completely wrong! Why...Hell...even partly wrong would do!

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