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A Few Experiences of ama11ory

My name is Andrew Mallory. I often use the handle "ama11ory" (using two one's) as opposed to "amallory" (with two L's) because another "amallory" somewhere has been used already.

I relate on this page just a few of my paranormal and other related experiences. It is very difficult to write about these things in a summary kind of way for the internet as people tend to want things explained in a flash nowadays. Another problem is that if I post too much, I have reason to fear it would simply be taken down! This has happened on a number of occasions in years past.

We live in AmeriKa now, with "fee-dom" and just us! Perhaps this can be changed with the help of President Trump.

The Trouble with "Contact"

After a few years of my focusing on the paranormal, I soon began to acquire my own direct personal experiences. I have not yet written up the experiences I had prior to 2001. The much more SERIOUS paranormal experiences began around Dec of 2001. The earlier experiences are generally of the sightings type, and were of an "introductory" nature, if you will. Some of the experiences I had from Dec 2001 to late 2004 I have written up to one degree or another. Unfortunately, I cannot post more of the specifics of my own "contact" incidents at this time. There is a reason for this: You-know-who reacts ViOLeNtLy!

I'm not joking! I really do mean this!

To illustrate just how serious this contact issue is to the Government, I will relate a story I heard on one of those open line calls to the Coast to Coast AM radio show. Someone related the story of a friend who apparently had gained some measure of direct on-the-ground contact with ET's of one kind or another. That person was subsequently threatened by some Government agents with having his social security benefits cutoff.

(I explain the meaning of the G usage in the noun "government" on the Very Bad News page)

To be brief, my earlier experiences (prior to 2001) while certainly dramatic and important to me, would not be as dramatic to the general reader. Besides, most people who read this type of material have probably had some sort of experiences of their own. There's NO WAY all of us could relate ALL such material as it would be far too voluminous to read! So, consider what is written at this website in that context.

I will do what I can with regard to publishing on the web some of my more serious experiences, but don't hold your breath on that! My experiences with posting certain things thus far have been bad and I have been unable to post them without them turning into another language; something unreadable like Hindi, or whatever. It is not me that does that. I simply tried to post the stuff and poof! It turns into another language or is simply deleted! I have been under continuous cyber attack for the past several years. Apparently, this kind of thing comes in for high priority "diss" (as in disruption) by the Government.

Since my very limited contact situation developed, I have gone through a roller coaster as it pertains to my overall feelings. I am definitely not happy that all of this is going on. I have also gotten the grim sense that these are just more of the kind of events that are portents of a limited form of End Time.

Another major problem: Defining the word 'contact'. In my particular case, I am not meaning that I've had face-to-face talks with ET's, gods, or what-have-you. However, there have been a few physical interactions. There have been more than a few "contact" dreams. But, no abductions, or flying saucer rides ?nothing like that; at least not yet.

Contact Dreams -Anyone else having these?

Since late 2001, when my limited contact situation developed, I have been having MANY dreams of a highly unusual nature. These apparent "contact dreams" are VERY different from the normal run-of-the-mill dream. The state of consciousness I'm in when having those dreams seem to be much closer to a waking state. My memory of these very short "clips" of one of these dreams are quite intact, although I may not immediately remember them when I awaken. It can sometimes be days later. What little I remember fades into the very short contact dream sequence --of perhaps a few seconds-- and then fades out entirely at the end of the sequence. The sequence remembered may only be a couple seconds long, or so.

I know that I'm not the only one having these dreams, but there is not much being written about this. Of course, most dreams are usually very difficult to describe, and most of the time they make little if any sense whatsoever. But these apparent "contact dreams" definitely fall into a different category.

I've had the following types of apparent entities in these dreams:

  • "gods"
  • Human ET's
  • Various well known political figures
  • Grey's of varying sorts
Sometimes in these dreams something is said, but most of the time I don't remember what was said. However, I distinctly remember the EMOTIONS from some of these short sequences. There have been some things said which I will not relate at this time for personal reasons. These dreams can often be VERY personal!

I still continue to occasionally have contact dreams to this day. Unfortunately, these dreams are simply too fragmented and vague to be able to relate. I do have some fragmentary memory, but only just enough to tell me that I'm indeed having these dreams.

Per chance, are you having these kinds of dreams? If you would like to share your story with me, I could also publish it if you like (with or without using your name, as you desire). If you are  interested then please contact me at ama11ory@gmx.com.

Another Problem: Tinnitus

One other problem I have had to deal with over the years (since Dec, 2001) is this persistent and annoying "ringing" in my left ear. Many people who have had some kind of contact experience (to whatever degree) often have this persistent "ear ringing". It is now being called Tinnitus.

What this sounds like is more like the whine of an old television flyback transformer (which whines at around 15,000 cycles. Many of you may not have heard this before as digital TV?s don?t have this kind of transformer). In any case, it?s an extremely high pitched tone. In my case there are sometimes multiple frequencies, and the loudness also varies. On occasion these tones can be inordinately LOUD!

This "ringing" (or whine) is almost certainly not occurring within the ear itself. It seems to be deeper within, and in many cases (like mine) it occurs primarily on the left side. Yet another weirdness.

As far as trying to induce your own contact situation, I would say BEWARE! I have found this to be a very dangerous thing! In a manner of speaking, contact is kind of like tweaking the noses of the gods. It certainly will get the full attention of the Government. But, no matter what I say here, you must ALWAYS make your own decisions. We truly need all the logical input we can get.


Receipt of a Very Strange Letter

This event occurred sometime during Spring, 1998. I received a strange letter from someplace in Utah. Sadly, I did not have the presence of mind to keep it. This letter seemed to be trying to recruit me for some futuristic or progressive-like group. They went out of their way to say they were not connected with the government. It did not say who they were, or what the name of their group was. But, this apparent letter of recruitment did explicitly talk about working with "benevolent ET's" (!). It only gave a return P.O. Box address somewhere in Utah.

Back in those late years of the 1990's, the first thought that came to my mind was that this had to been some kind of CIA perpetrated hoax. Among the reasons for my negative reaction to this was that there was no way anyone could have had my address! Only the Government (of our Lords and Masters) could have known where I was! This occurred only a few months after I had just moved back to my old hometown of Columbus, Ohio from Fairview Heights, Illinois (in January, 1998). I had deliberately left no forwarding address (I was trying to shake the ubiquitous junk mail). I had no credit cards at the time, and all connections to my former address were, in essence, severed.


Therefore, this had to be connected with the Government! 


I also felt that there was no way anything like this could get through the mail without the Government knowing it!


If this group was truly not connected to the Government as stated in their letter, then it could not possibly be sending things like this through the tightly controlled mail. This control would have been true even as far back as 1998 and perhaps even much farther back than that. Therefore, whatever this was, it certainly had to be CONNECTED WITH THE GOVERNMENT in some way or another.


Another thing that bothered me was this virtual ultimatum that I must write back to them within three weeks (or some similar time frame). If I did not write to them, then I would never hear from them again. So, I didn't write them and indeed I never did hear from them again. 


I would hear about this issue of strange letters of recruitment only one time nearly ten years later on the Coast to Coast AM radio show of Nov 13, 2007. That night they had a guest by the  name of James Casbolt who seemed to know something about this. I heard a question posed to him by a caller regarding the receipt, over time, of three of these STRANGE LETTERS trying to recruit him for some strange project. I don't remember the entire gist of James' answer, but he seemed to know something about this.


On January 17, 2010, George Knapp had a guest on the Coast to Coast AM radio show by the name of Gordon Novel, a former operative who indicated many connections. Gordon Novel passed away in 2012.


Novel stated that he was informed that the Government HAS EIGHT STARSHIPS! Presumptuous as it may seem, something like this would not surprise me one iota. They had to have been built somewhere! It certainly connects with the rumors of Area 51 being "moved" to northern Utah in the late 1990's. Of course, anything built elsewhere for secret projects would not entail the "moving" of any secret installations of the extent of Area 51. Area 51 is still there. So that part of the rumor was wrong (and probably deliberately planted by the CIA).


For those who might not know this, it seems that certain people have actually been recruited to go to Mars! This seems to have happened to one Laura Magdalene Eisenhower and a friend of hers. Laura is the great-granddaughter of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower. This kind of revelation certainly fits in well with the stories of the late Gordon Novel, and then with my own experience. For more on Laura's story, see this link:


The fact that we have heard next to nothing from any former workers on programs having to do with Area 51, or any place that has to do with a secret space program is ominous to say the least. It truly makes me wonder what would have happened to retirees working for those secret programs. Or did they retire? Are they executed in the same way the Nazi's did with most of their secret project technicians near the end of World War Two? I learned from contactee James Gilliland of a certain Cherokee saying, "If it is not good for everyone, then it is not good". My tendency is to live by this creed even if unknowingly.


And benevolent ET's? Hmph! Benevolent to our NWO Lords and Masters perhaps (i.e., the Government)! Whatever this project was, it gave me the "vibration" that it was something EXTREMELY DANGEROUS despite their best attempts at making it sound good.


Anyway, all of these puzzle pieces seem to fit together frightfully well with the rumors of a "breakaway civilization". This is now considered in many paranormal-conspiracy circles to truly be the case. It is now the subject of a few websites and some forums on Facebook. 


So tell me, what do you think? If you know anything about this, then please write me if you have something you want to share (ama11ory@gmx.com). 



This website was damaged by software changes in November, 2016. It appears that this website is being systematically damaged with little chance of recovery. I will keep the site up as best as I can for as long as possible. 

Experiences at Long Lake, Wisconsin --2002 

Way back in July, 2002, I took a long trip from Columbus, Ohio, to attend an event at Long Lake, Wisconsin. This was near the town of Dundee about 40 miles north of Milwaukee. It's a very nice area. Long Lake itself is actually a small lake. The event I speak of was called "UFO Daze" and it was hosted by a small group of people that were loosely associated with a contactee by the name of Heidi Hollis.

Heidi Hollis is a self-professed contactee of none other than Jesus Christ. I actually met and spoke with Heidi a couple of times during this event at Long Lake. She had published a book a few months previous called The Secret War, which I read avidly prior to going to the "UFO Daze" event. She had been a guest of the C2C show earlier that year.

You will need to bear in mind that this write-up is based on my own personal recollections of this amazing experience I had in July, 2002. Way back in those times I never really considered writing about this and I made no notes about it at the time. Ever since that time, I developed severe differences with whatever ET/Alien group Heidi and her friends were/are in contact with, but this would be a very long story. I talk about this in a paragraph near the end of this article. It is my deep laid suspicion that this group was/is in contact with is the dreaded Bafath! But, whatever alien faction it may be, I doubt that it is particularly good or useful to us

The Plejaren ET's are the one ET group whom I rely upon for truth by-and-large. The Plejaren ET's relate that there are two other primary ET groups that interject themselves into our situation here on Earth: The Ashtar-Orion collective and the Bafath. They say that the Bafath is the most negative of these two factions. For my own part, I would argue that there are far more in the way of ET/Alien groups around. This is difficult to prove, and I am suspicious of some of the Plejaren ET material. I suspect they are minimizing the number of factions involved in this UFO issue to say the least. That topic would be another long write-up that I am unable to attend to at this time.

Of course, I know how really, really weird this will sound to those who are reading about these particular issues for the first time. If you are one of the vast "unwashed" in the UFO field, then you may find yourself very surprised at how amazingly manipulative and deceptive some of these ET/Alien groups are. You see, Heidi Hollis truly believes that the group she is in contact with represents the group that sent us Jesus. I do not fault her personally as she is only human like the rest of us.

The events of the daytime were largely social with a few speakers, one of them being Heidi Hollis herself. I chatted with some of the people at this event. Upon reflection, I suspected that many of the younger men there had to be Government intel. There were perhaps as many as 150 people at this event.

The place where this event was actually held was called Benson's Hideaway. The plan was that we would wait for nightfall and, hopefully, for the flying saucers to show up! One gentleman related to me that this had been going on for a few years prior. In the year previous, he told me that one of the flying saucers was there for several hours doing various aerobatic maneuvers; doing big loops and such.

It was getting on toward dark, I think perhaps about 8:45pm, when the flying saucers showed up! These most definite and unmistakable anti-gravitic craft and were the usual approximate elliptical form and lit up in the very common luminous neon orange in color, and perhaps the usual 30 to 40 feet in diameter. They moved to a position across the lake perhaps a quarter of a mile away or so, and at about 500-800 feet in altitude.

At the time they showed up I was walking along an old wooden pier that jutted out into the lake. I may have been the first one to see them. I ran back to the Benson?s tavern, where the main body of the group was, exclaiming, "They're here! They're here!". I went to collect up a friend I had brought with me and another person whom I had picked up along the way.

There were initially two that came in at a modest speed, then slowed down dramatically and appeared to float slowly. Four others were following in a delayed fashion behind the first two. From our vantage point at Benson's, they were on a trajectory going from our 10 o'clock position to our 2 o'clock and faded out of sight into the low lying clouds (assume 12 o'clock to be approximate north).

This first display of these UFO's might have been there for about 20 minutes or so, flashing at us with their lights every now and then; That is to say, that the whole neon glow of the craft would flash intermittently. There may have been four camcorders recording this event. More on that later. I had no camera myself.

Unfortunately, I didn?t make a point of keeping notes on this event, so I?m relying on my memory with all of this. There were essentially two "air shows". The first one with the six elliptical neon-orange craft, and then after they departed there would be a few minutes of delay; then came this "flying wing" type of craft right over Benson?s Tavern. It could not have been much more than 300 feet above us.

As it pertains to the videos taken, I had purchased one from someone I did not know, and long since last track. I lost this tape to another person (who wouldn't return it) years ago. Of course, nowadays there are TENS OF THOUSANDS of UFO videos floating around. It's not an issue whether these things exist anymore. In any event, someone has posted video from that event on YouTube here:

Here's the raw URL in case the above isn't working: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaW5o0jN-SE&feature=player_embedded

I was not in this video or any of the other videos so far as I know. But this video will give you an idea of what had occurred at this event. The voices in the background are as important as anything. UFO's are hard to get at night because of contrast ratio issues (the difference between dark and light).

Once upon a time, there were as many as three videos of this event posted at the old http://www.jesusisnojoke.com/ (The website of Heidi Hollis); These are expensive to keep up on a website and were long since taken down. So I can?t show them to you.

In the weeks following this experience, I would come to the conclusion that this was probably a negative ET/Alien group. My aggravation would grow over the following weeks, and in my anger at them would later come to call this sighting a False Hope Operation. I posted some rather raw comments about all of this on the UFO2U message board.

Ultimately, the problem with this type of event is that there is NO WAY to identify who the personages are that were guiding the Flying Saucers. I was also stewing over all of the things that happened at Long Lake. In the times before this experience and clear up to this day, I have had many bumps and bruises with regard to the entire range of UFO phenomena.

Epilog to the experiences at Long Lake

Bear in mind that I have made no attempt to keep up with that small group in Wisconsin since the time of the incident in 2002. I do not know what has gone on since that time, other than a non-event when "UFO Daze" took place in 2003. The UFO?s from the previous years did not show up! I sincerely hope this was not because of my disparaging remarks in the UFO2U e-group following the 2002 "UFO Daze". 

I was involved with a group in Las Vegas from 2009 to 2011: The Las Vegas UFO Hunters Meetup group. We did manage to go on a few outings and did indeed get many successful UFO sightings! I have also been getting sightings on a personal basis each time I've gone camping since mid-2009. The LVUFO was disbanded for a couple of years, but was reconstituted in January, 2013.

July, 2013 update

I stumbled across a link to the ongoing "UFO Daze" events in Wisconsin:


The above site is where I found the video clip from July, 2002, on the "History" page here:


http://www.jesusisnojoke.com/ --Heidi Hollis' website named Jesus is no joke is primarily about her own contact experiences. Heidi is a self-professed contactee of Jesus Christ. This claim would tend to conflict with something else: namely the Billy Meier case. This would be a very long write up to go into. I do not recommend that the case of Heidi Hollis be pursued as I consider it a diversion from truth. This is not meant in a derogatory way toward Heidi Hollis who is indeed very bright as are almost all of the contactees. I had the privilege to talk with her personally at the 2002 UFO Daze event. The crux of the problem is that she accepts the communications she gets from her alien contacts without question. Aliens can easily LIE! And indeed they do in this particular case as with many others.


I have posted some more of my paranormal and contact experiences on my smaller amallory website on this "hidden" webpage:  






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