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FURIOUS Cyber Assaults in Aug-Sep, 2015

I've was subjected to some very serious cyber assaults during August and September, 2015. I was completely LOCKED OUT of my Webs account for several days at a time at least three times during the second half of 2015. This happened yet again in late November. I may consider creating a log of these LOCKOUTS. Webs.com is the provider for this website.

Basically, I would try to sign into my account, but the system would act like it did not recognize my account. This would happen EVEN WHEN I WOULD TRY TO RESET THE PASSWORD! The responses from Webs were utterly unsatisfactory and I would simply have to wait and see if the NSA, the presumed culprits, would get off of my neck and let me get into my account. 

During the last week of September, 2015, one of my computers was completely disabled by a virus that crippled its ability to go online! Somehow, this cleared itself up by early October. That kind of thing would just come to be another day at the office for me.

We all live at the mercy of the NSA here in AmeriKa! 


A very interesting CYBER ATTACK story from someone else (for a change)
Cyber attacks --an ongoing issue for me (Old article)

The article immediately below was written perhaps in 2009, but I occasionally update it.

After a time it becomes obvious that these personal cyber attacks on me is that it tells me that I am hitting bone somewhere along the line with my ET/Alien interactions and investigations. The ET/Alien situation is an integral part of the drift toward tyranny and catastrophe. Truth is always a threat to a Government of LIES!

I have experienced many forms of cyber attack ever since I purchased a computer and got online in 2001. The attacks grew more serious in May, 2008, after I had created my first minor website, helirods dot com (now defunct). During the Spring of 2009 I incurred attacks that were much worse than anything I previously experienced. This all started in the very early hours of that day as I was LOCKED OUT of my Yahoo account, and could get no useful response from them (no fault of Yahoo). This "lockout" was by way of my password allegedly being "incorrect". This story may get somewhat convoluted, so bear with me.

My Yahoo password could not possibly have been "incorrect". I had reset it about 12 hours earlier "successfully". That was according to the email I had received in my alternate email addy. So, when I next went to sign in, it was something of a surprise to me that my password was not working! When I tried to reset my password, the email required to do that did not show up at my alternate email address. This was very unusual as it would mean this address was BEING BLOCKED by some means or other. I ended up having to use a different alternate address (It was very fortuitous that I had entered other addys long ago). It took me a few days to figure this out, though. In fact, it was the only thing that worked because the people at Yahoo seemed to have no grasp of the fact that my primary alternate email addy was not getting the email from Yahoo necessary to reset my password. This attack, like so many others was eventually cleared up. But, these kinds of cyber attacks are an ongoing issue that will become worse as the hour of ultimate conflict draws near.

I have never really figured out why they don't just KILL EVERYONE who gets in their way. I do have some speculations on this, but it would end up a dissertation. In any case, I have endured cyber attacks, attacks on my personal property and certain types of "visitations" that are a tad difficult to write-up. I have been followed on certain occasions. I can absolutely certify that I'm under exceptionally HEAVY SURVEILLANCE!

2013-2015 --Problems with things other than my current web host

I will try to list most or all of the problems I have had in this content block. I just started this block in December, 2013.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yahoo groups - An "Upgrade" in late 2013 results in some groups becoming useless. So, the "upgrade was really a downgrade. Yahoo groups will probably end up having to be abandoned.

2013 --My Mozilla Firefox was completely shut down! I tried deleting it then reloading, but it would be shut down within a few seconds. This means I'm forced to use the standard Internet Explorer. That's fine except that my web host optimized editing with Mozilla Firefox! 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

FACEBOOK issues. There are ALWAYS problems for patriots (and ET/Alien contactees) on FacebooK.

--Some posts from others whom I follow don't get posted to my Timeline.

--There was a brief time a few years ago when I could type something on FB and there would be a significant delay before the words typed would appear on FB, up to about 30 seconds on one occasion! 

During Dec, 2013, "Likes" and attempts to read "Replies" are BEING BLOCKED!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

ISSUES with You Tube 

--YouTube: Certain files went missing from my account

--On long videos, the sound gets out-of-sync with the picture

2013 --Problems with Webs.com, the host of this website

Webs.com was reasonably good for a time after I had started this website in late 2008. Over time, certain minor impairments of one kind or another would crop up. With certain impairments I can sometimes find a "work around" for it. For instance, the emoticons (smiley faces and whatnot) would be dysfunctional on certain pages, but I could manage to copy-and-paste these emoticons from other pages where they were already long in place; but this changed when I found I could not copy-and-paste! 

The most important widgets don't work! I can't use widgets at all!

Earlier in 2013 I had problems with the website editor for this site wherein the cursor would jump around all over the place. It was very hard to use the editor. This problem cleared up after a time (months).

How to be an Enemy of the State

This “how to” is somewhat ill advised to follow. On the other hand, you may be in the same fix as me. Maybe YOU are on their “list” along with me. Just by reading anything I write, or anything that even appears to indicate that you might have a functioning brain may help you achieve this status as well. So, now I guess it’s too late for you too. Oh, well. Perhaps you now see just how little it takes to become an “Enemy of the State”.

Creating Hell on Earth is what the New World Order is all about. This has been a steadily building problem for decades, but the Orwellian over-lordship is becoming obvious even to the most sincere apologist for the system.

On some occasions when working on this website, I have been prevented in uploading photos by way of a pop-up saying, “Bad file name”, followed by a  listing of the characters (none of which are in the file names of the photos). This was typical in times past, especially when it pertained to my particular ORB PHOTOS.

I can not tell you what the issue was with my particular orbs, but this problem later diminished. Perhaps they are a particular species of orb that the demonic Government of our Lords and Masters has issues with. I can tell you that there are plenty of other orb photos running around on the net.

Myspace and Facebook problems

Also during the merry month of March (2009), I found a blog and bulletin relating my early March cyber problems with Yahoo deleted! So, I did some more blogging and issuing of bulletins (at Myspace and Facebook). In the past I noticed that much of what little I was doing in the way of posting on Facebook would mysteriously get deleted. That seemed to clear up later in 2010, but it was very clear to me that I was being tracked on a very individual level.

Among the problems I had on my ex-MySpace account was that I noticed the "Views Counter" would go up, and then it would go back down again. This had gone on for the longest time. Other problems were grossly obtrusive advertisements (which couldn't be closed) and an endless stream of porn bots trying to be "friends". I ended up deleting the account...and even that proved difficult to do! MySpace made me jump through some hoops on that! 

Events during 2008 when in Athens, Ohio

I started creating my first serious website in March, 2008 (helirods.com -now defunct). It only took several weeks for “them” to catch up with me and it would only be a matter of time until I would incur the expected cyber attacks. It finally happened once again on April 30th.  I had a number of these kinds of occurrences over the years. But, after having experienced a few months of net freedom with a high speed connection, my access would be disrupted once again. Often times, when these things would happen, it would cause me to find some sort of useful "work-around" which would end up backfiring upon our Government adversaries.  The attack in April would be repeated a few weeks later.

It seemed as though the April attack had to do with my listening to GCN radio programming for long periods of time (gcnlive.com) over the net. For those who don't know, "truth radio" is considered subversive (by "them"). I could only occasionally get the 2nd and 3rd hours of the The Power Hour program by way of shortwave radio, so I was picking it up on mainly on the internet (until the April 30, 2008 cyber attack).

A similar event occurred to me when I was in Las Vegas in January, 2007. I was listening to various GCN radio programs via the net, for about five weeks. Then one fine day, my computer was suddenly unable to "find" gcnlive.com. The April, 2008 attack was WORSE! My wireless Laptop could not get any useful communication with the Internet (symptom: "Limited or no connectivity").

Another one of those things I've never entirely figured out is just what the "rules" are as to what can be written, discussed, or investigated as it pertains to the paranormal and the various conspiracies. This has caused a lot of frustration (to say nothing of DEATH) for a number of people. Most of what I have to say has been said already in one form or another. The only thing I'm really doing is distilling it all down as best as I can. The only other difference is that I have claimed (not yet proved!) over the past few years of having had various certain types of paranormal contact. So, who the #*!$%  cares?!

Let’s all say it together …the Government! Who else?!

There have been persistent rumors that some people (or groups of people) are "protected" by the proverbial angelic forces. There is no certifiable proof of this. But, I can say that considerable effort of an intimidating nature is being employed against me....personally! But, I did receive something resembling an indication during the second incident later in June, 2008, that there is "someone" up there looking out for me. But that kind of thing is long and difficult to write-up, and I doubt I'll ever get around to writing about all of this.

After a few weeks, I did finally get my laptop fixed, but it was hit again (in June) but this time my laptop healed ITSELF a couple of weeks later. There were some bizarre and scary events that took place the two times my laptop went on the fritz. I moved back to Columbus in August, 2008 from my several month stay in Athens, Ohio. Cyber attacks of one kind or another continue as they do to this day in 2015. Life in AmeriKa!

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