Novelties & other anomalies Novelties & other anomalies The Moon with a plane, August, 2010 I did not see this plane when I was taking casual photos of the Moon. I was messing around with manual settings on my digital Fuji camera which is why the Moon is so washed out. I was taking many photos in succession in an effort to get the contrast and brightness to a satisfactory degree. 96863242 Early "Wall Entity", Fall, 2009 I have a considerable number of what I call "Wall Entities" which are VERY DIFFICULT to process for usability on the net, let alone prove conclusively. I KNOW that most of these "Wall Entities" are not reflections of the camera flash off of something shiny, but that also is difficult to prove. 96864135 Crop and enlargement of the "Wall Entity" This is an enlargement of the "Wall Entity" in the previous photo. I know it's hard to make out. I have some better photos, but I just haven't gotten around to this issue. Unfortunately, I just can't take the time to do a proper full webpage on these "Wall Entities". Maybe someday, but not any time soon. 96864136 Parastreak, Spring '09 1 of 2 This entity hung around me for about two days. I have a number of other photos of this entity, but there were only two where it was more or less centered in the frame. In the other photos it would nestle itself in the lower right corner of the photo which is not really worth displaying. 96864673 Parastreak, Spring '09 2 of 2 This is the only other good photo with the "Parastreak" more-or-less centered in the frame. In the other photos, this entity would position itself in the lower right of the frame. 96864672 Another Entity barging in This is not likely to be a finger in front of the camera, but rather another possible entity photo. This attempted photo of my Mom was taken by my Dad on a trip to Vancouver in the late 1990's. 96864134 Orthon This is from Ivo Benda's website ( This is supposedly a photo of an entity called "Orthon". Orthon is said to be the "Spiritual Guarantor" of our galaxy. I certainly wish Orthon the best on that issue. I find the photo interesting even if only for the artwork value. 96863790 Orbs collage -Feb 28, 2011 Here are some interesting "spirit beings" amongst "normal" hex orbs. These were imaged during a rainstorm in Columbus, Ohio, Feb 28, 2011. 119477107 USAF UFO reporting form -early 1960's This is a photo of a form I found in an old "Look" magazine (from 1964, I believe). There are a few other pages to this I will post one of these days. 171518412 Strange Stone Face This is the head of a statuette found in a creek in Southwest Missouri. It is probably quite old and would most certainly pre-date the Native American culture as we know it. It appears to be a fired clay manufactured artifact. It is NOT carved. 171518413 Strange Stone Face --Side view This is a left side view of this very strange artifact shown in the previous frame. 171575111 Obey Dollar Bill This is a dollar bill I had unknowingly took as change sometime in 2006, I believe. This graffiti must have been done by a child as the word "Obey" was originally spelled "Obay". So, I changed it. I photoshopped out the serial numbers somewhat and the "legal tender" text by way of clone stamping. 171575112