Souvenirs Souvenirs Two coneheads at Las Vegas? This photo is courtesy of Meisha Johnston, an abductee/contactee. I hope to write up the story behind this photo one day. What you see is a SCAN of a XEROX of a PHOTO that was taken of a security video screen at a Las Vegas casino in the early 1990's. That would explain why it's of such poor quality. Meisha's website is 200013271 The next San Francisco earthquake (circa 2020?) This depiction of the next large magnitude San Francisco earthquake is an illustration from a German language magazine. It is derived from some photos taken by Billy Meier when he was taken forward into time to see the next SF quake. It will be a 9.0 Richter for 5 minutes. I expand on this on my "Next SF Quake" webpage. You can read about Billy Meier on the "Billy and the Plejarens" webpage. Both of these webpages are on this website. 173261323 NSA Threat Document I whited out my old Yahoo ID in this scan. I used to go around from chat room to chat room blurting out various things. Then I got this. It sent one heckuva shock up my spine. 172398194 You can love your country... From somewhere on the net 172398195 Terrorist ID chart From somewhere on the net 172398196