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The truth is out there; but, the establishment exists to destroy it!


BEFORE READING ANYTHING ELSE! ...Be aware that this page may be disabled by "them" (the NSA). Previously, this page was COMPLETELY BLOCKED FOR YEARS to any editing whatesoever. This apparently changed in April, 2014. But, do be aware that this page can be attacked again at any time! We are living in AmeriKa!

Over the past few years, I have come upon a few key free PDF documents. I have taken the opportunity to provide them here in order to save you the difficulty of going elsewhere to get them. So far as I know, they all available to be shared freely. :)

Billy Meier Contact Reports -Large consolidated file

These are various PDF's collected over time and represent only a portion of all of Billy Meier's extensive Contact Reports.

Goblet of the Truth by Billy Meier

Talmud Jmmanuel

This is a questionable document, but I include it anyway. It's the only PDF version of Talmud Jmmanuel I have found to date.

Esoteric Research

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