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This website was damaged by software changes in November, 2016.  As of January, 2017, it appears that this website is being sporadically damaged with little or no chance of my being able to correct it. For instance, I can't make changes to the primary sections this page. In any case, I will keep the site up for as long as possible.

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      Content-About) Navigation info, a little about this website and terms of use 

    Into the Unknown) My Awakening / My trusty cameras / Some photos and experiences 

     Very Bad News) Describing a little about the unfolding limited "End Time"

     Photo Gallery)  A few of my own personal paranormal photos and others

Angels & more Orbs) Apparent angels and other interesting apparitions      ------------                                                                                    --Orbs and Other Etheric Beings

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  FREE! FREE PDF's) A few free PDF's are available for download on this page

    Other websites) Other websites related or tangentially related to this one 

   Secret Covenant) The Secret Covenant and another related document 

     Next SF Quake) The next San Francisco earthquake and other pending horrors

          Experiences) A few of my paranormal experiences and adventures

          What To Do) What can one do about the "End Time"? Also, other resources

   Contact & Notes) Contact and notes; links to my other sites; Bibliography


Billy and the Plejarens)

This is an introductory page about Billy Meier and the Plejaren ET's, the principal guiding ET force here on Earth 

               Police State) Police state videos of importance; plus meme's and links

    Cyber Problems) Hacking and other cyber issues ongoing



About this website

The purpose of most websites is usually clear enough. I suppose the current main purpose of this site is to reach out to others who may be having certain types of contact experiences and/or have an acute interest in the paranormal as it relates to ET/alien or other unknown intelligent entities. At the time I started it in 2008, I was trying to communicate with the New Age/UFO crowd. The attempt at connecting with others in this realm did not work out very well and the website turned more in the direction of the conspiracy aspect of this "limited End Time" situation. However, due to the events that have occurred over the past decade I am considering fleeing AmeriKa. The only way I would reconsider is if Donald Trump were to be elected President of the United States.   

This website is also intended to be somewhat of a "summary" for those not able (or willing) to do a lot of running around on the net just to reach the same conclusions I have. What I offer you freely is THE PUNCH LINE to the entire New World Order/Alien/ "End Time" scenario (see the Very Bad News page). I will also give some ideas as to what to do, but don't expect too much on that as there is no surefire answer to all of this.

Also, this website is aimed mainly at people in North America. But the situations I speak of here apply in a general way to the rest of the world. I try to define as much as I can and I hope to add a "Glossary and Usages" page at some point in the future. This site was originally aimed at those who have some familiarity with conspiracy and paranormal parlance.

Always remember that there are many things I will say that will be based upon recollections from various sources. It is unlikely very many footnotes will appear on this website --too hard to do with all the other things I'm doing. I have added a limited bibliography to the lower part of the “Contact and Notes” page of this website.

I do try to be thorough but brief. In most cases, things will be too brief. I hope to provide more links for more information on a given issue, but it is proving difficult for me to get around to this. I try to be accurate, but mistakes are inevitable. My ability to update this website on a consistent basis is severely challenged at times and I soon may have to let go of this effort entirely.

One other thing I would like the reader to know is that prior to 2008 I had no intention creating a website or having much of an Internet presence at all. If I had it my way, I would have just shrunk away into the woodwork and just been a quiet chronicler of this limited "End Time". I had no intention of going public, but the ET/Aliens and the Government had other plans! It's very difficult to explain all the things that have happened over the years and I may never get around to writing up all that has happened to me since 2001; In fact, I had some lesser paranormal experiences going back to the early 1990's. 

Over the past several years I have had proven to me that this endeavor has probably been a waste of time and effort. But, since it's already here I suppose I'll just leave it up for the time being. I used to believe that perhaps something could be done to reach the general public, but that had turned out to be a hopeless endeavor after all. The levels of cognitive disassociation to say nothing of abject dumbness among the general public is much too great to overcome!

May the gods be with you in your search for the truth!


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